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The first model in the 100-400 series of folding rangefinder Polaroid cameras, the Polaroid Automatic Land Camera Model 100 has a set of standard features that are shared by all following models in this range:
- Folding Bellows
- Automatic Exposure
- 100-series Packfilm

The 100 also introduced most of the features that would become common across the higher-end models in this range, though it lacks the Zeiss-Ikon designed combination rangefinder/viewer assembly the later models would adopt. Instead it features separate windows for composition and focusing, a style that would become common across much of the mid-tier range of folding Packfilm cameras. The features it has in common with high-end models such as the 250 and 350 are:
Tripod mount on all-metal body
Folding optical system, allowing all delicate parts of the camera to be collapsed into cover.
3 element glass lens (114mm f8.8)
The 100 was produced from 1963 until 1966 (when it was replaced by the 240), though the 250, retailing on release for $165, with the Zeiss-Ikon finder, would prove far more popular than the 240.

● Condition: Very good condition. Some traces of use.

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